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Turned into a Slut for BBC PT5

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The only response I heard from Jerome after I posted the video of myself online was a simple text message that said, "Good job slut." I replied thanking him for his approval, but then got no further reply. In fact I didn't hear from him for the rest of the day. I was left somewhat dangling on my in my wonder as too what I was to do next to please him. It was agony not getting immediate feedback, or further instructions. We hadn't even planned our next meeting. However I couldn't stress the issue for very long as my family would be coming home from their normal days soon meaning I needed to ge… Read more

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Matthew's search for love- part 1-introductio

First Time

Matthew is 30 years old male, which doesn’t have any lady at the moment, all previous relationships failed miserably. Main reason was his cock size, which is 23cm long and 6cm in diameter. He contacted new date agency which has alternative way of doing dates and he has an interview today at 5pm. As he comes there, young lady greets him. “Welcome and have a seat here on this leather chair. I’m miss l****a and will guide through this. My agency is quite new one, about 1 month old, and we check everything what could have been wrong, but we don’t call it that way, they are just lessons in life tha… Read more

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Summer holiday at my mother in law house


On summer always we went to visit her mother she was an attractive woman in her early 50, she lived at the island of Samos she was a widow her hupand pass 6 years ago One summer night I was making love to my wife, the bedrooms were in the upper floor and had adjoining balcony, it was a hot night and we left the balcony door wide open, as we were making love I notice a shadow at the balcony door it was my mother in law watching us, I was on my back and my wife was sucking my cock, I did not say anything and we continued, soon we changed positions and was sucking her wet pussy, soon she came bi… Read more

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Stuck in the Elevator


It was almost noon and I was heading down to the soda machine in the basement to get a Diet Pepsi to go with the brown bag lunch my wife had packed for me. I work for a small not-for-profit in a mid-sized city and our office is staffed mainly with women, so I was enjoying the view of the many different shapes and sizes of my coworkers as I walked to the elevator. It's been summer for a few weeks now, but the weather has only recently started to realize that, and we were enjoying our third straight day of temperatures in the 90s. An added benefit of the weather turning nice was the increase in… Read more

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Piss Slut


I wanted the slutty look that night. I had to look how I felt and how I wanted to be treated. Showered, hair done, make up done. Big black false eyelashes, heavy dark eye shadow that would run and make a mess through tears or anything else wet. Bright red lipstick adorned lips. Pasting it on I tasted my lips on my tongue, blowing myself a kiss in the mirror. Checking the corner of my mouth using the tip of a bright red false nail which I had spent a fortune on this morning. I had to have the right slutty look for tonight. I wanted to look like someone I wouldn't look like in my everyday look.… Read more

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who is superior


WHO IS SUPERIOR One day the pussy and the cock got into a hugely argumentative debate. The crux of the debate was as to who amongst them, is greater than the other. The cock argued that he was greater than the pussy, whereas the pussy argued that she was greater than the cock. This argument went on for a very, very long time with neither the cock nor the pussy surrendering and accepting defeat. Then suddenly the cock got filled with rage. He stood up and became fully erect. He pushed back his head covering and exposing his big bulbous head he started to say in a loud voice, for all to hear.… Read more

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How to turn your small dick white friend into your

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I was in his room looking at the dark him getting down, sit on my stomach and it became all clear, the weed, the booze , the way he look at me he pull down his pijama , my friend had a big black cock and it was right there going toward my face ''Mike?'' ''shhhhh '' ''you ...what you...heyyy Mike....heyyy '' ''shhh let me inside your mouth alex , let the big cock go in'' i closed my mouth shut him hitting it with his big head ''oh Alex dont be shy bro , i bet you suck real good'' ''all white boy with small cocks likes it ,sucking on big cocks in secret'' i look at him keeping my mout… Read more

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David 2 - Family secrets


When David got home he was relieved to see the house in darkness. It was unusual for his parents to go to bed early on a weekend but he was thankful that he didn’t have to face them. Once in his bedroom he checked his clothes for any staining or residue of his cum. Satisfied that everything was ok he went for a shower before getting in to bed. He picked up his iPad with no real idea of what he wanted to look at. Automatically, his fingers found his favourite porn site. It opened on the page for mother and son. He tapped on the first thumbnail and immediately the screen switched to a scene wi… Read more

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David - Virginity ends

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David was in his bedroom, watching porn and masturbating slowly. Not an unusual situation for him, in fact during the last two years it had become his main form of relaxation. Now, with two years of intensive study, followed by exams and applications to University, he was at last able to relax slightly, the trouble being that the last two years had seen most of his friends drift away as his concentration on his studies became more and more intense. His routine had become just that, routine. Home from school, evening meal then four or five hours study, shower then an hour watching porn as he s… Read more

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Mrs Jarvis Further Inspection


I must admit I didn’t expect to oversleep but with Mrs Jarvis banging on the patio door I woke with a bit of a start and as I got up to let her in I realized that not only was I still wearing my tatty old boxers I hadn’t washed them and looking down I could clearly see the dried stains from yesterdays exploits. “Good morning Mr English” Mrs J said in a rather cheerful voice as opened the door still trying to focus my eyes, “Did you forget or just oversleep?” she asked as I let her in and I had to explain that I overslept and apologised, she was very good about it telling me not to worry and th… Read more

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Caught masturbating by my wifes best friend


Caught masturbating by my wifes best friend My wife was going into work on a Sunday to catch up on a project. She wasn't feeling well and didn't want to have sex that morning no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't wait for her to leave so I could jerk off for an hour or so. Before she left, she said that her friend Jen was going to drop off some stuff at some point in the day. Jen is a hot as fuck redhead, perfect body, nice hot ass, and small tits. Whenever she's around, all I can think about is fucking the shit out of her. One time she left her sunglasses at the house after a party and I wo… Read more

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A Night At The Club

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This is a true story from one of my many visits to Tampa’s Rainbow. A few years ago, I went to the club on a weeknight. I can’t remember if it was a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. All I remember is that the next day was a regular workday. It was about 8 p.m. I was sitting naked on a couch in theater section for about 15 minutes watching the gay porn movie when a cross-dressed gurl walked in. The only light came from the movie screen. Still I could barely see her face but she clearly had shoulder length dark hair. I had to look downward just to be sure she had that something extra. Sh… Read more

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Dylan Dreyer After Hours


2 yrs ago I was working late on some analysis reports. The back office was empty with a few lights on here and there, but I was sure no one else was around since it was a long weekend. At about 10pm I decided to get some coffee from the break room when I noticed someone was already in making a fresh pot. I walked in and saw Dylan who was apparently working late as well on a project due Monday. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted a cup. I had just seen her complete her show earlier that day. She wore a blue figure hugging dress that accentuated her beautiful body. The high heels made it e… Read more

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Box Office Bang! (P8).


As soon as we entered the mansion, Redhead turned and faced us and said sternly, "Now listen, you pair of halfwits, we're going upstairs into the shower room and we're going to get soaped off and then to one of the bedrooms and we can fuck some more. Got that"? Gemma and I just looked at one another and shrugged, "And like I said, absolutely no touching - the next time you cum..." she pointed a finger and hissed at me, "...will be inside me - got that"? I nodded and smiled and we followed her up a big staircase; I was behind Gemma and I could see her swollen cunt lips as s… Read more

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A High-school Trip Abroad - Part 1

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THE BOYS LEARNED A LOT, ESPECIALLY ABOUT EACH OTHER. Big-T sat with his mates on the upper deck of a double-decker touring car bus. Their luggage stowed away in the hold. There was already a lot of excited chatter going around the upper deck. The twinks were talking about all the naughty things they would do that up-coming week. There was talk of the regular stuff over-excited teens and twinks speak about. Things like what they would want to go and see, all the way to the wild orgies they were going to hold once they we… Read more

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On the Road to Being a Sub

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For several weeks I had been corresponding with a guy on a gay site. I am not new to sucking cock but this took things to a whole new level. It started out that he wanted to meet and have me suck his cock dry. This of course sounded good to me and I agreed we should meet. I am 67 and retired so I am fairly flexible but for some reason he was always seeming to put me off but he kept the conversations going. Perhaps that was a good thing because as we talked more he seemed to bring out some things in me I had been wanting to try. While not a full fledged sub, I have to admit in the past when a… Read more

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Late Night at the Library, A Bondage Tale

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It all started with my late-night visits to Liverpool Central Library. I use the place at least once a week as I’m studying as a mature student. My preferred time is late, usually after midnight. It’s the best time to go as it’s pretty quiet & you be sure that the only other users are serious geeks who, like myself try to avoid being disturbed. Anyway, back to my fantasy….. One evening, I’d dropped into the library & chosen my preferred corner, the older part with it’s vaulted ceilings, stone alcoves & rows of musty old books on wooden shelving. It’s never ceased to amaze me, how… Read more

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My wife's first black cock 2

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After seeing how good the response was to my story about my wife's first encounter with black cocks, l thought l'd write about her second encounter with the same black men, l don't think l included enough detail in the first story, so l'll try to put that right in this one. After my wife Ann's first encounter with black cocks at the weekend with Lincoln, who l worked with, and two of his friends, at work on the Monday Lincoln came over and told me he and his friends had had a good time with my wife, he then said, as it was her first time with black men, they held back and took it easy on her,… Read more

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Blacked so hard on vacation...

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Anita and I were enjoying some days at Bermuda; staying at a very nice resort, which had part of the beach for nudist people… On the third day after breakfast, we went for a walk, finding a secluded spot on the beach. to relax and enjoy the weather. After having a dip in the nice water, we came back to find a handsome black guy spreading out his towel near ours. We settled back down and Anita right then decided to go topless. Our new black neighbor noticed it and he then began talking to us. After a while, he decided to get totally nude, removing his shorts. Anita tried not to look, but… Read more

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A cuckold in the age of Coronavirus


I had arrived home a while before my sweet Ana. As I came into our bedroom after taking a nice shower, Anita was stripping herself, after a long stressing day at her office. Watching her walk naked into the shower and allowing me to enjoy the sight of her swaying buttocks, gave me an instant erection… I figured she would like a good drink after her shower; so I fixed for her a nice margarita’s. And I was right… Anita’s sweet face lightened up when she came out of the bathroom and found the slated glass over the drawer. And my face also lightened up, seeing she was wearing just a loose t-s… Read more

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